High Society London 1872 – A Victorian upstairs/downstairs LARP
Excellent roleplay, coolthentic costumes and a magnificent location

Verloving-Darcy.jpgUpstairs – Photos Obscurus event Dinner at the Darcy’s (2015)


Lord and Lady Crawford have opened up their Londen townhouse for the highlight of the season: a ball in honour of the betrothal of her niece Miss Elizabeth Darcy to Mr. Edward Dashwood. Many members of high society are invited to join in the festivities. For entertainment purposes artists and scientists are invited.

Under the surface of high society politeness and keeping up appearances, many secrets are buried: financial problems, disease, affairs, forbidden love & homosexuality, business scandals, political intrigue, abuse of domestic servants, suppression of women and having to uphold your family’s honour.

You can choose between playing an upstairs or a downstairs character. We will write a character description for you filled with storylines, hints and suggestions for play based on your roleplay preferences.

Upstairs: nobility, factory owners, bankers, social reformers, scientists, artists, spiritualists, army officers, clergy, exotic foreigners, etc. etc.
Downstairs: footmen, housemaids, lady’s maids and valets.

Downstairs – Photo Downton Abbey (2010)

On your registration form you can choose what kind of storylines you favour. There are basically two types of storylines. You can pick one, or have a mixture of both:
1. Personal drama & romance: think of costume dramas like Jane Austen’s novels, Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs etc.
2. Real historical events, scandals and characters from 1872. Business dealings, intrigue, discovering and unfolding mysteries etc.


1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), 2. Anna Karenina (2012), 3. The age of innocence (1993) 4.5.6. Downton Abbey (2010)


Kasteel Wijenburg in Echteld. It’s a private castle with several sitting rooms, a library, a big hall, a wine cellar and an entire floor for downstairs.

Date & Time
Saturday October 21st 2017
Morning until late afternoon (most likely 11:00 – 23:00)




Photos of the location

We will use a mixture of Dutch and English in the game. We have good experiences with mixing languages at previous Obscurus events, because all Dutch players speak fluent English. All written information will be provided in English for you.

Travel & sleeping
Echteld is an hour drive from Schiphol Airport or an hour by public transport from Utrecht Central Station. We have rented a group accomodation nearby where you can stay for the weekend (for additional cost). You can e-mail us for the details, if you are interested.


Photos Dinner at the Darcy’s (2015)

1. The Paradise (2012), 2 en 3 Downton Abbey (2010)

The setting is a ball, so there will be dancing. Dancing is optional. It will be held in one of the rooms, so plenty of space for roleplaying in the rest of the castle. We will be dancing English country dances (old fashioned in 1872, but easy too learn and lots of room to converse during the dance) and some waltzes.


1. 3. Vladimir Pervuninsky, 2. 4. Ball on shipboard (1874), 5. In the conservatory (1875), James Tissot

Gentlemen: white tie
Ladies: historical evening wear (period 1850-1890)

Men: white tie for men, but with a black waistcoat and black tie
Women: plain black dress for the lady’s maid; a housemaid adds a white apron and cap


Costumes Upstairs – Photos Dinner at the Darcy’s (2015)

Costumes Downstairs – 1. Butler, 2. House maid, 3. Butler, housekeeper, lady’s maid, 4. footman (1. Upstairs Downstairs, 2, 3 en 4. Downton Abbey)

Darcy is a 360 degree illusion fully immersion larp. We have similarities with content larp and have prewritten characters, lots of interlinks, secrets and storylines to discover. We write characters based on your own preferences. 

There will be no rules or skills, only some guidelines (f.i. about 19th century etiquette and the fact that it’s a social larp, so fighting or murder will not be possible.)

You can choose to have lots of personal drama, puzzles and/or political intrigue. You tell us what appeals to you gamewise and we will write it for you. We believe you can have very different styles of play within one event.

One thing we find important with this particular event: to understand 19th century morals and values. So try to let go of 21st centry modern views on women, domestic servants, homosexuality and poverty. Women will have to work a little harder to get things done in areas dominated by men in the 19th century. We think this will make the game more interesting.





More background information
We have gathered lots of links and websites about the Victorian age. Also some original etiquette books are published online. These are all readily available in English. We will provide these for you upon request or specifically for your characters.

1 en 2. The age of innocence (1993), 3. The Forsyte Saga (2002), 4. Deadwood (2004), 5. The way we live now (2001)


Registration is closed. The event was fully booked.

Prices include a luxurious 3-course dinner, exclusive rental of the entire castle, props & printing and 21% VAT. Not included are drinks, snacks and lunch. You can purchase those at the location.

In case of cancellation within two months, fees will be returned to you minus €40 administration costs if we find someone to fill your spot. In all other cases no fees will be refunded.

Foto’s 1 en 2 Dinner at the Darcy’s (2015), 3.4.5. Downton Abbey (2010)

Contact us
Feel free to e-mail us at obscurusnl@gmail.com if you have any questions.

About the organisers
Obscurus is Wouter Apner and Anne-Marieke Apner-Meij. Together and separately they have organised about 40 larps since 1994. Most of them can be called “Nordic larp”.
In daily life Wouter is a graphic designer, illustrator and writer. Anne-Marieke is a harpist, projectmanager and writer. They have organised for international participants before. Players from England, Sweden, Germany and France have attended previous Obscurus events.

OrganisatorenThe organisers: Anne-Marieke & Wouter